Buffy Leach is an award-winning writer with a head full of words and a heart full of music. She draws upon her colorful history and ongoing adventures to bring a fresh approach to universal concepts and craft killer hooks. But she doesn’t only write from her life experience, she also helps others turn their stories into songs. In her own words: “I love it when I’m writing with someone and they say ‘Yes! That’s what I meant. Now, it sounds like me only better.’” Always writing, Buffy is also always looking for new opportunities to create and collaborate.




I was raised by hippies, which is kind of like being raised by wolves, just with guitars. When I was eight, my dad gave me the Oxford English Dictionary and his record collection. That dictionary was so big it might have outweighed me. A two-volume set, it had the thinnest pages covered in the tiniest type, which is why it came with a magnifying glass. The OED and I were inseparable. It was love. Being a Gemini, I was equally smitten with the records. Which brings me to the question I know you’re asking yourself, so I’ll just answer it: Yes, Buffy is my real name. My parents named me after the folk-singer Buffy Sainte-Marie. She’s so cool that it’s been worth a lifetime of teasing...(keep reading)


Current Projects

Casey McPherson — Alpha Rev, Flying Colors  

Craig Leach — a new prog artist on the rise!  

Anthony Krizan — Spin Doctors

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